What is Pruning?

Pruning of trees should be done with a purpose in mind. The purpose of pruning is varied. Some pruning is done to change or train a plants growing pattern or to restrict growth.


Tree Removal

Tree removal is our most commonly inquired service.  It is also the most involved and extensive service that we perform.  Removing trees is not overly complicated yet it does require experience and equipment.  ABR Tree Service has been removing trees in the Millersville, MD area since 2007 – we have removed virtually every species of tree indigenous to Maryland.  We have also removed every sized tree, from smaller 10-15-year-olds to over 100-year-old trees.

There are 3 factors that drive the overall cost of tree removal: tree size, tree location, and tree species.  

  • Tree Size – the larger the tree, the more expensive it will be to remove. This is because we will have more labor and sometimes equipment cost. It just takes longer to remove a large tree. And essentially, while we price our work per job, we are basically an hourly business.  

  • Tree Location – a tree located near electrical lines and/or buildings/homes, will take more effort to remove as precautions must be taken to protect these structures.  

  • Tree Species – a single-trunked tree will be slightly cheaper to remove than a multiple trunked tree.  


If you cannot see sky through your trees, then the canopy of your tree is very dense and over time will become a very stressed and damaged tree. Density within a tree does not allow the wind to blow “through” it and creates a huge resistance. This resistance over time will lead to the breaking of limbs and damage the trees stability, creating a safety hazard for any structures or pedestrians it surrounds. When the canopy of your tree is dense, the wind can’t blow through them and that wind resistance causes them to the stability of the treebreak or tree breakeven bring down the entire tree.

ABR Tree Service can help you prevent your trees from growing out of control, so they remain healthy and strong. Our canopy cleaning service is designed to thin out the tree, to removing any dead or infected branches, or reshaping the tree through pruning and trimming, we are here to help you, so that your trees can remain healthy and strong.


Does your home or business grounds have hedges or shrubs that are out of control? We can trim and prune your hedge and shrubbery so that they remain healthy and look nice.  Regular trimming of your shrubs and hedges not only keeps them healthy, but also helps weed control to a minimum.


Pruning is a responsible part of tree care in ABR Tree Service. Maintaining the health and shape of your trees provides safety and beauty for many years.

Our tree pruning services can include many steps such as:

  • Correction of poor pruning
  • Removal of dead branch selective removal
  • Crossing branch selective removal
  • Tree Crown reduction to control the height of the tree
  • Raise the crown of the tree so it will provide more space beneath the tree
  • Thinning of the tree, so that wind can blow through it, so damage does not occur

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