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Quality work through dedication

ABR Tree Service is a complete land management and tree care company that has been serving Millersville, MD since 2007. We specialize in all aspects of Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Stone Garden, Brush Chipping, Stump Removal, utilizing the safest, most advanced and environmentally-sound methods in the industry. ABR Tree Service provides custom services to provide to the specific needs and goals of our clients.  We offer 24-7 service, so contact us today for a free quote!

Tree Specialists That You Can Count On

Since 2007, ABR Tree Service has been providing exceptional tree and landscape services to businesses in Millersville, MD. Whether it is to cut trees, Tree Pruning, Stone Garden, Brush Chipping, Stump Removal of your home property, ABR Tree Service is here to assist you with all of your needs. We always aim to give quality tree care services at affordable prices. At ABR Tree Service our team of a highly skilled arborist can get the job done safely and on time.

We provide a full spectrum of tree services to homeowners across Millersville, MD. Call today and learn why we’re Millersville, MD fastest growing tree care company!

Safety and curb appeal aren’t just important to homeowners – businesses large and small will appreciate our thoughtful and budget-conscious approach to tree care.

Brush Chipping

Chipping up brush can be more cost-effective than hauling it away, and safer than burning. It also saves time compared to cutting and bundling debris for the waste disposal company to handle. A thorough cleanup of the work area is included.

Stump Removal

Our primary goal at ABR Tree Service is to solve your tree, shrub, and brush problems. We solve our customer’s problems by removing old and dying or unwanted growth, making way for new improvement, your new deck or lawn, or that new tree you promised to plant.

Tree Pruning

A regular pruning program with clearly defined objectives can help trees reduce risk of failure, maintain health, improve a view or aesthetics, increase light to the turf, or provide clearance. For expert assistance with tree pruning in Millersville, MD or surrounding areas, contact ABR Tree Service today!

Tree Removal

When a tree dies or becomes a hazard, it should be removed. Trees can also be removed to make room for a new structure, because of poor health, or when they become undesirable. Without the proper training, this can be very dangerous work. Our expert team can safely remove and dispose of the entire tree, all the way down to the stump.

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We are proud to have previously or currently hold contracts including governmental, residential projects. No job is too large or small for ABR Tree Service. We treat every project and client with the same respect.